3 thoughts on “No doer / fear of non-existence / Killing Santa Claus 😯

  1. Yes Tom, it’s seen that there is no doer, though thoughts constantly show up commenting on the apparent self. It’s like a never ending monologue. “I’m happy about this… ” “that makes me so angry” “I wish it was warmer…. or cooler”. The self/doer is only known via the stories thoughts tell.
    These are thoughts describing a person who cannot actually be found. At times it seems as if thoughts create chaos, until it’s clear that here now, it’s all okay, life as it is, here now is okay with whatever appears.

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  2. Tom,
    I see what you are saying. I would only add that any existential crisis is resolved when the One Self is Understood to Be Absolutely Good. Regardless of the relative inter related opposites that are passing before our limited mind.


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