Satsang (Meetings) with Tom Das – with love and devotion to Sri Ramana Maharshi – Online and In Person Satsangs meetings | One to One meetings

We now meet ONLINE every Thursday at 8pm UK time (2 hour meeting, cost £12) and every Sunday at 3pm UK time (1 hour meeting, cost £6). We also meet IN PERSON in London, UK about once a month. Click here for details. If you are interested in an individual 1 to 1 session with me please see here.

Here are 2 ways of meeting me:

1. Regular Online & In person Satsangs (Meetings)


We meet now meet ONLINE twice a week for Satsang and IN PERSON once a month in London. All are welcome. After the meeting there is an opportunity to stay and talk with other people attending the meeting:
-every Thursday at 8pm UK time (2 hour meeting, cost £12)
-every Sunday at 3pm UK time (1 hour meeting, cost £6).

Details of how to join can be found here. Payment can be made here.

Discount rates for regular attendees as follows:
-Thursdays only – £43 per month; £500 per year
-Sundays only – £24 per month; £280 per year
-Thursday & Sundays – £65 per month; £750 per year

Note: nobody will be turned away due to inability to pay. In this situation please contact me if you would like to attend.

2. Individual Sessions (Online or in-person)

I am available for individual meetings, either in person, on the telephone or online. This session can be a one-off session, regular, or on an intermittent basis  – whichever you prefer. See here for further information and to learn how an individual 1 to 1 session may be of benefit for you.


Please read the full disclaimer here.

Meetings and sessions are not intended as a substitute for professional therapy, medical care, or legal advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters.

Group meetings are usually recorded and may be shared publicly at a future date. By attending you are giving your consent for anything you say to be recorded and shared publicly.

Meeting Testimonials

I find Tom’s teachings clearer, simpler, and less encumbered by BS than just about anyone out there whom I have encountered. I’ve had teachers from Alan Watts to Adi Da, to Andrew Cohen, and others. Tom has the least ‘baggage’ I think…
Your words always affect me like a clear, clean breath of fresh air in the midst of what is often a lot of misconception and gobbledygook about what there is to ‘attain’ and all the rest of it.
Carl, USA

Tom’s teaching is unique. His guidance is a non-dual lighthouse emitting a bright light-beam across life’s turbulent expanse to steer the seeker from crashing on the rocks of ignorance, misunderstanding and delusion, to reach the shore of Timeless Being.
His gift is discerning where the individual seeker is at and what is required specifically for that ‘individual’ to support them in their thirst for freedom from suffering. His maturity, as a guide, is evident in how he can appreciate the wisdom teachings, the ‘treasure in the field’,  in traditions not generally associated with non-duality.
This breadth of understanding sets him apart from the smorgasbord of spiritual snake-oil merchants, peddlars, ‘evangelical’ non-dual purists and genuine teachers which, in practical terms, allows a welcoming and genuine spirit of inclusivity for anyone attending his satsangs.
Gerry, UK

This is a really welcoming, relaxed group, with interesting and thought-provoking discussions. I’ve always been interested in spirituality and exploring the deeper questions of life, but never really found anything that felt quite right or held my interest. I was completely new to non-duality before this group and feel it serendipitously found me. I look forward to the meetings and never quite know what to expect. For me nothing else has ever challenged me more to look into myself for the truths I seek, which has not always been comfortable.
Tom has been there to help and guide every step of the way. He is brilliant teacher and guide and the other members by sharing their truths are extremely comforting to be around.
Nisha, UK