I find Tom’s teachings clearer, simpler, and less encumbered by BS than just about anyone out there whom I have encountered. I’ve had teachers from Alan Watts to Adi Da, to Andrew Cohen, and others. Tom has the least ‘baggage’ I think…
Your words always affect me like a clear, clean breath of fresh air in the midst of what is often a lot of misconception and gobbledygook about what there is to ‘attain’ and all the rest of it.
Carl, USA

I found Tom via his online meetings at a time in my search that a lot of concepts and beliefs about life had already fallen away – but seeking was still happening on a subtle level and there were still doubts about whether what I’d seen was it and a vague feeling that there must be something more and I was still definitely suffering.
In just two or three meetings and also a one to one with Tom the remaining doubts seem to have been cleared up – I can say now that the intense seeking together with the exhaustion of it seems to be over.
I found Tom very refreshingly ordinary and that dispelled the beliefs that this was something special to attain and his receptivity to what was being asked allowed responses to questions amazingly clear and helpful – there were two or three very ordinary but profound realisations for me about beliefs that were blocking ease and freedom.
Words really don’t describe this as it now seems just very natural and known already. I am extremely grateful for his input – and he is a genuinely nice guy.
Gabrielle, UK

Through a series of one-on-one meetings, Tom has quickly become a very influential and positive figure in my life. I stumbled upon Tom while trying to work through some of life’s more challenging questions. Questions such as: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Do I have free will?’, and ‘Is it possible to end suffering?’. Tom’s insight into these questions was profound and engaging. It was evident that he had himself come to a deep understanding and clarity regarding these questions and was moreover happy to share his insight.
Tom is a down-to-earth human being who is both spiritually insightful and relatable. His teaching approach reflects this in that he is patient, kind, and flexible. He catered his teaching approach to my needs and it helped me acquire a great deal of insight that I did not possess prior. What’s more, the sessions that we had were often very fun and funny. I’m grateful to have met Tom and would recommend him to anyone.
Josh, Israel

This is a really welcoming, relaxed group, with interesting and thought-provoking discussions. I’ve always been interested in spirituality and exploring the deeper questions of life, but never really found anything that felt quite right or held my interest. I was completely new to non-duality before this group and feel it serendipitously found me. I look forward to the meetings and never quite know what to expect. For me nothing else has ever challenged me more to look into myself for the truths I seek, which has not always been comfortable.
Tom has been there to help and guide every step of the way. He is brilliant teacher and guide and the other members by sharing their truths are extremely comforting to be around.
Nisha, UK

I find the online ‘meetings’ with Tom very useful, practical and simple. The best thing for me is that he is able to combine different teachings bringing, when needed, the basic points of any of them to the focus and therefore he can ‘meet” any kind of so-called spiritual seekers.
Because he explored many teachings before the realization of freedom happened to ‘him’, he knows how to approach somebody’s mind no matter what kind of teaching they are in. That makes him a unique teacher. Not being stuck in any of these teaching and being able to used them when needed, he is a great help to many.
I am happy to be a part of this group and to contribute to the flow as other people do.
Vedrana, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I joined Tom’s meetup group a few months ago not really knowing what to expect. I came to the group after years of seeking, meditating and spending time in monasteries from Buddhist traditions both in the UK and in Asia. I can honestly say that it came at the right time in my life. I feel both lucky and blessed.
I find it hard to put into words the impact the group has had on me. Tom’s message is contrary to what I had been accustomed to hearing and initially threw me. And it still does in some ways, but that’s actually a good thing because I’m still “learning” a great deal. Tom is a very authentic teacher and his openness to share his experience is refreshing. Perhaps particularly because he imparts his knowledge as if a friend would, not as a holier than thou guru.
It is not just Tom however, but also the connections within the group dynamic that are helping me to see things in a different perspective. It is also helping me when away from the group in some way. It’s like there is an invisible support going on. I feel like I am among friends having a great conversation and it’s to me, at this time, the most important conversation I could ever have. Which is not to say it’s all smooth, there are differences of opinion but it’s safe to express that. It’s hard to explain but to me every time we meet it’s like coming home.
Piers, UK

Tom is a generous, approachable, truthful, compassionate kind of guy. He is also very down-to-earth. I started going to his meetings about a year ago. I love learning about different teachings and I found Tom to be very knowledgeable about quite many of them.
The one thing I’m learning from Tom is that I’m already here, no matter what my feelings are saying. It’s okay to relax, it’s okay to feel my feelings. I also learned that there is no special knowledge I have to get before I die. Very freeing. By being in Tom’s meetings, I learned that even though spiritual teachings can be useful, they’re not necessary for everybody and they’re not necessarily true.
So, what’s different a year later? I’m not sure. Maybe a deep sense of it’s alright. I still get lost when I’m having a low day, but there’s a peace about it at a deeper level that most likely it will pass. I also feel like a 2 year old ready to explore, fine with having tantrums, going quickly from one emotion to another.
Maria, USA

Tom is a teacher who resonates very strongly with me. His approach is to verify everything with personal experience and not take anything for granted. He is well versed in the Buddhist and Hindu teachings on non-duality but his teachings are fresh and modern and not based on any belief system. The stories and metaphors he uses have really helped me. His structured teachings bridge the apparent dichotomy between “you’re already free” and the seeker’s question, “what should I do to get there?”
They give a menu of choices so that we can choose the one(s) that most suit us at any particular time. Although we know that, in the end, we can discard all teachings and relax into the Truth.
I have found the 1 to 1 online meetings particularly useful where you can deepen your understanding and talk about your specific issues and experiences. It’s like talking to a caring friend. I hope someday he will organise a retreat or weekend meeting. It would be nice to meet up.
Richard, Spain

Tom’s calm manner and genuine presence and a lovely group of people makes this my favourite meetup amongst many.
Simon, UK

Tom is the easiest person to talk to and he gave me the support I needed. In the group I also felt I was not alone in this.
It is lovely to have Tom as a friend sharing the truth and his experience – rather than having ‘a teacher’ with much authority.
Tom’s comprehensive knowledge on ‘classical teachings’ – advaita vedanta, nondualism – gives the feeling of trustworthiness. However, I especially like Tom’s casual and friendly style and concrete topics.
I find there is much less involvement and suffering and much more space in my everyday life after attending Tom’s sessions. There is freedom to be yourself – nothing to seek, nowhere to go, just living what is.
Outi, Finland

Highly recommended to others who wish to explore concepts of freedom, awakening and truth. Very welcoming and relaxed…
…Attending is a top priority for me – it’s hard to think of what might be more important and uplifting. Thank you so much Tom.
Emma, UK

The talks we are having in this group might be the most important I will have in my life. It’s exciting to meet people with such an interest.
Pierre, UK