namaskaram namaste prayer buddha
Namaskaram (placing your hands together in front of your chest and bowing) is a complete teaching in itself.
Do not underestimate its power:
Just this one simple practice has the power to destroy all ignorance and illusion and lead to Moksha, total and complete liberation in this life.
So practice it daily, practice it multiple times a day:
Make your life into one succession of Namaskaram after Namaskaram after Namaskaram.
The coming together of the hands denotes stillness, wholeness, power, presence and Being.
The bowing of the head denotes humility, effacement, love, respect, servitude and ahimsa (do no harm).
Namaskaram indicates our respect, reverence, love and gratitude to those people we greet around us.
Namaskaram is our overwhelming gratitude to the whole of life for the gifts it brings us each moment, in both apparently good and in bad circumstances.
Namaskaram is total and complete humility.
Namaskaram is timelessness.
Namaskaram is ever-flowing Love:
Nothing else is needed here;
All is divine, complete and perfect in itself, as it is, already and for ever-more;
This is Namaskaram.
Namaskaram is Bhakti,
Love and devotion to God, and giving everything that we are to Him/Her/It/That.
Namaskaram is the surrender of ourselves to that one higher power which is non-separate from ourself.
Namaskaram opens the heart to ever-flowing loving-grace, healing us emotionally, making us whole.
Namaskaram purifies the mind, removing egoic defilements and allowing the vision of wholeness to rise up.
Namaskaram energetically cleanses the body, flooding it with white loving light and healing energy.
Namaskaram karmically bestows merit upon us, protecting us from evil and wrongdoing, keeping our path straight.
Namaskaram is good for the soul.
Namaskaram is pure Jnana itself.
It is no different to total effacement of the ego and total knowledge of the Absolute.
Namaskaram culminates in stillness, in Mauna (Silence).
Namaskaram is also high praise to Maya-shakti, and her wonderful Lila, the play of life with all its enchantment and suffering.
Namaskaram is love, light, power and presence.
Namaskaram is all.
I bow to you, Namaskaram! I bow to you!
We greet each day in Namaskaram,
The whole universe reciprocates in Namaskaram back to us.
Love reciprocates Love.
In Namaskaram, boundaries become blurred:
“Where am I? and where are You my friend, my Lord?”
Everything is just sweet surrender:
“Your Divine Love-Grace is no different to my Deep Longing for You.”
Life becomes Namaskaram after Namaskaram after Namaskaram:
Love pouring into love,
Light pouring into light,
Gratitude pouring into gratitude,
God greets Herself,
In Namaskaram.
So practice Namaskaram.
Do not underestimate its power to humble you and strike you down,
To comfort and replenish you when required,
To quieten and calm you,
To destroy you,
In Love.
Namaskar to you, my friends,
Namaskar to you all.

Daily Nonduality Quote for Contemplation 10

Here below is the last of the series of quotes for contemplation. Be still and contemplate. And be still. Best wishes to you ❤

candle still.jpg

Because you think there is substance to life, you suffer. Don’t be scared of this teaching, don’t make it into a philosophy or belief. Be still and all will be revealed, and the revelation is beyond these pathetic words.


Life’s purpose

robert adams ramana maharshi

The following is by Robert Adams:

…you have not come to this earth to struggle, to fight, to become anything, to hurt anyone, to be hurt, you are here merely to be. Not to be this or to be that just to be. You allow this beingness to function properly when you get yourself out the way, that is your thoughts, your preconceived ideas.

When you keep the mind still, perfectly still and calm then you will always find that you are in the right place going through those experiences that are necessary for your unfoldment and your fulfillment.

“…you will always find that you are in the right place going through those experiences that are necessary for your unfoldment and your fulfillment”

Do not worry about the future or the past. Do not concern yourself with events in the present. Just be! Be the Self that you are. You will be satisfied. Everything will be okay.

“Be the Self that you are….
Everything will be okay”

There is nothing that wants to hurt you, cause you pain or give you any problems. It is only because you keep thinking continuously, constantly that you have this belief that somebody wants to hurt you, cause you problems, upset you.

There is only one. There are not two or three. There is only one Self and you are that

Daily Nonduality Quote for Contemplation 7

Ideas and concepts such as oneness, nonduality, God, Consciousness, love, ego, Self and liberation are all completely besides the point. If you find yourself actively arguing about such things, know you are way off track.

happy child nonduality happiness joy

Daily Nonduality Quote for Contemplation 6

hills mountain nonduality be still

The best practice is to be still. This means not to get involved with ideas of ‘me’ and the associated thoughts/sensations. Be still. All other practices are simply to allow you to be still. So be still.

Daily Nonduality Quote for Contemplation 5

colour color paint abstract nonduality

All this is just an appearance. Light and sound. Like a cartoon, things appear to be happening but actually  nothing is happening.

This is not something that is known, this is not a theory or a belief, but just a description of how things already are.


Daily Nonduality Quote for Contemplation 4

Be still and all will be revealed.

This Revelation or revealing is not something you can know or experience. It is a total collapse of the knower/experiencer.

There is nothing to know and nothing will be revealed. Only the illusion will go.

Be still.

Know there is nothing to gain, nothing to loose.

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