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Q. What about other books on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings not mentioned in your recommended reading list?

I have updated the recommended reading list with the following 2 questions:

Q. Why is my favourite spiritual book not on your list of books?

It may be that I haven’t read it, or it may be that it doesn’t in my view fulfil the criteria I have outlined at the top of the post.

If a well-known teacher is not mentioned in the above list, the chances are that I do not recommend them.

Q. What about other books on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings not mentioned in your recommended reading list? What about books

A. It is very easy for the teachings to be distorted and misunderstood by the ego-mind. Apart from the above books listed, I do not generally recommend other books on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. I have found almost all other books on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings that I have come across contain a level of distortion and misinterpretation. I have found that this often leads seekers away from liberation, even if the author or editor is well-meaning and well-intentioned.

Does Jnana (or Self-Enquiry) lead to Bhakti (or Self-Surrender) or the other way round? Sri Ramana Maharshi

Some say that self-enquiry eventually culminates in surrender, and others say the opposite. Which is true? By the way, Self-Enquiry can also be referred to the path of Jnana (Knowledge or Wisdom) and Self-Surrender is also known as the path of Bhakti (love or devotion).

Ramana Maharshi has sometimes said it one way, and other times another, and other times said they are the same path. Again, which of these is true?

Let us see definitively what Sri Ramana says about this (surrender = Bhakti; Self-enquiry = jnana) in Guru Vachaka Kovai:

722. When scanned, bhakti supreme and jnana
Shine as in their essence one.
Saying that one of them is but
A means to the other is only due
To understanding neither

723. Even those who know may sometimes seem
To honour this saying and so prefer
One or the other of these paths.
This is in order to prevent
Some seeker half-way on one path
From giving it up and choosing the other

724. When one adopting self-enquiry
Reaches the journey’s end and gains
Samadhi’s bliss, it is solely due
To the grace of God
, one’s inmost Self,
Life of one’s life.

725. Unless the Self, the God within,
By power of grace pulls in the mind
Who has the strength through his own effort
To stop the rogue mind’s outward drift
And merge it in the Heart and so
Gain peace?

728 To tell the truth, God’s grace supreme
And the keen quest “Who am I?”,
Which means abidance in the Heart,
Will work together as mutual aids
And bring one to the state of oneness
With the Self supreme.

729 This maya world-dream will not end
Unless the Self within speaks out.
The enquiry, “Who is the dreamer
Of this dream?” is prayer addressed
To Him
to speak and wake us up.

730. It is said that meditation
On one’s own being [Tom: ie. Self-enquiry] is supreme
Devotion to all-transcending God,
Because, though spoken of as two,
They are in substance one

731. The way of knowledge and the way of love
Are interwoven close. Don’t tear
Asunder these inseparables
But practise both together holding
In the heart the two as one.

Meditation on the Self
Is devotion to the Lord

Supreme, since He abides as this,
Our very Self.

2 new books have now been added to the recommended reading list: Maha Yoga and Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad by Lakshmana Sarma

Two new books, Maha Yoga and Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad, both by Lakshmana Sarma, have been added to the recommended reading list – please see the relevant section there for more information and links.

May these books help seekers determine the true path and thereby discover their true nature

Namaste & best wishes