What is non-duality anyway?
Roadmap to enlightenment: a (fairly) comprehensive guide to spiritual practices
Total and complete enlightenment: why you’re still not there yet
Non-duality has nothing to do with non-duality
Can you know something is infinite/limitless/eternal/unborn?
Is everything really consciousness
Enlightenment basics – what you need to know
You and the universe are one
Beyond self-realisation
Your true self
A rant: kicking spiritual seekers in the balls
Love, happiness and non-duality
How spiritual teachings work
Don’t believe the hype
The meaning of life
A meditation
Don’t take spiritual concepts too seriously
Look within? There is no within
Four kinds of spiritual people
Unknowable yet known
Is reality impersonal?
The Drama (our stories)
Non-dual devotion, worship and prayer
Spiritual knowledge cannot be learnt
Absolute vs relative truth
Spiritual materialism
Do not believe the false sense of limitation
The light that shines within
4 things you may need before you can be enlightened


Two types of happiness: joy and pleasure
Transforming pleasure into joy
Please help me to deal with the agony I feel in connection with the suffering of animals in the world
Humility and realisation
Spiritual relationships & gurus


Spirituality and science have common aims
Spirituality is not physics
Science does not lead to truth


Did Jesus meditate?
Jesus and non-duality
Was Jesus ever born?

Vedanta/ Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi: Non-duality and how to be Self-Realised (Atma-Jnana)
Self-realisation is non-verbal
Is sat-chit-ananda the supreme?
Turiya: the forth state, or is it?
Bhagavad Gita: Krishna teaches that nature does everything
Bhagavad Gita: The most secret teaching
A Quaker silence
Is the world an illusion?
How to calm the mind
How to stabilise in the self
Be still
The four yogas
Isha Upanishad
Ribhu Gita
Ignore your thoughts
Reading Sri Ramakrishna in Calcutta: All Religions point in the same direction
Ramana Maharshi: Self-Realisation is simply being one’s self
Ramana Maharshi: Once you realise the Self, it becomes your direct and immediate experience. It is never lost.
Ramana Maharshi: remaining quiet and aware is the state of mind to aim at
Ramana Maharshi: To remain as you are, without question or doubt, is your natural state
Ramana Maharshi: the essence of realisation
Annamalai Swami: I see who I am when I am near Swami. When I am away from him, I can remember it as a fact, but it is not my direct experience


Infinite ways to an infinite God
Abol Hasan speaks


Buddhism: How enlightenment happens
Absorption in the treasury of light (Zen Master Ejo)
Dogen Buddha’s way
Tibetan Buddhism: Free and Easy by Gendun Rinpoche
Tibetan Buddhism: The Mind Instructions of Khenpo GangsharBodhidharma’s Zen: the Perfect Way, the Ultimate Truth
Early Buddhist writings
The moon cannot be stolen
Everything is best
Maturing in our spiritual search
The thief who became a disciple
Dzogchen: the supreme source
Dzogchen: Self-liberation in the fundamental nature
Zen: How should one approach enlightenment?
Buddha: Why do spiritual people fight with each other?
Zen Master Huang Po: how to remove our illusions
Zen Master Huang Po: stuffing yourself with knowledge
Zen Master Huang Po: Studying the Way
Zen Master Huang Po: the true teaching
Zen (Chan) master Yuanwu: No fixed teaching


The essence of yoga
The paradox of yoga

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