Zen: How should one approach enlightenment?

lake reflection2.jpg
Can you smooth out this lake using your hand please?

Two great Chan (Zen) masters speak:

Zhaozhou: How should one approach enlightenment?
Nanquan: If you try to head for it, you immediately turn away from it.

Tom’s comments:
So, what to do?


7 thoughts on “Zen: How should one approach enlightenment?

  1. It leaves us exactly where we have been since beginningless time. A good friend once told me no matter where you go there you are. Enlightenment is closer than our skin. Any movement towards is a movement away, we must attain nonattainment.


  2. Thanks quantampreceptor. There is immense power in the lines I posted above for a seeker. It is all so simple. Deep penetration of the question I posed above can reveal an answer that cannot be put into words. All verbal answers are wrong, no matter how accurate they may appear to be. If seeking has ended for you, then you already know all this talk is rubbish. My deep gratitude to you.


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