The root concept

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Is anybody here? Is anybody doing this?

It is the concept of a subject,
That gives rise to the concept of an object.
Or put another way,
The concept of ‘me’,
That gives rise to ‘not me’.

But look at your experience for yourself:

What was thought to be the subject
Is actually also an object.

The experiencing entity that we take ourselves to be,
Is actually something we are aware of,
and not the subject at all.

The person looking at and experiencing life,
Is just a part of life,
Totally inseparable from life.

The body,
inner sensations,
– all these are objects.
– all these are sensations.
– none of these are ‘me’.
– none of these are ‘mine’.

Sensations cannot themselves sense.
The perceived cannot perceive.

In fact, looking at our own experience,
Where is the subject at all?

-There are only sensations.
-There are only objects.
-There is only experience.
-There is never the experience of the subject.

Experience is a seamless whole,
One seamless happening,
And the so-called experiencer, the ‘me’,
Is simply part of that happening.

So what are we left with?
Just this.

Life simply happening,
All by itself.

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