Ramana Maharshi: the essence of realisation

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Killing the ego is the only thing to accomplish.

Realisation is already there. No attempt is needed to attain realisation. For it is nothing external, nothing new.

It is always and everywhere here and now too.

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
Talk 174

Tom’s comments:

Time after time, again and again, Ramana says the only thing needed to do is remove the ego. Reality does not need to be realised, for it is already and always being realised.

Remove the ego, and reality shines by itself, as it always has done.

What is the ego? The ego is the notion of doership.

How to remove the ego? See that the sense of doership is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. There is no doer, there never was a doer, it was all imagined!


4 thoughts on “Ramana Maharshi: the essence of realisation

  1. ‘Killing the ego’ sounds tempting, particularly in combination with the promise of self-realization. Yet, I think it is bogus. You can only kill or remove a concept when you also eliminate the conceptualizer. Obviously, that is not possible, but you can realize – as in understand and honestly acknowledge – that you made up the very idea of ego. It has served you as an alibi or alternate self, and only as its author do you have the authority to cast it aside. Indeed, the latter is easy. Just declare out loud ‘Ego is a fantasy, it only exists in my imagination’. Repeat, if the fantasy returns to bug you. 🙂


    1. Actually the ego is fine, it just isn’t you and You awareness will never get rid of it, as it’s a functional entity in isvara the total mind. Everything is fine your job is to see where you stand, or that you are free of everything as awareness.

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      1. But the concept known as ‘awareness’ is just another alibi. It isn’t you – you are not a concept. Likewise, to believe that you can be ‘free of everything’ is more of the same. The only way to wake up from such fantasies and vain ideas is by acknowledging their illusory nature and by admitting that they are products of your thinking. Then they go poof – they are not built to withstand the truth. 🙂

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