Q. If we are not the doer what aspect of us decides to turn within? | Advaita | Self-Enquiry Ramana

Understanding Self-enquiry and the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Q. “If we are not the doer and do decide to turn within, what aspect of us is doing that?”

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The Self is like a magnet

If you are seeking, you think you are doing this and that, but actually the Self is doing all. The Self is like a magnet. It’s magnetic force is always drawing you towards it. You are just being moved by the Self.

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Nonduality: doership, attachment and the world

Remove the notions of:

(1) doership (ie. the belief that I am the thinker and doer)
(2) attachment to outcomes and
(3) the belief that the world (ie. body, mind and world) is real…

…what’s left?

Note that (1) and (2) are implicit in (3) but are elucidated to make the teachings clearer.

Also note that (1) and (2) together could be called the ego, so this could be alternatively phrased as ‘remove the notions of the ego being real and the world being real’.


Ramana Maharshi: the essence of realisation

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Killing the ego is the only thing to accomplish.

Realisation is already there. No attempt is needed to attain realisation. For it is nothing external, nothing new.

It is always and everywhere here and now too.

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
Talk 174

Tom’s comments:

Time after time, again and again, Ramana says the only thing needed to do is remove the ego. Reality does not need to be realised, for it is already and always being realised.

Remove the ego, and reality shines by itself, as it always has done.

What is the ego? The ego is the notion of doership.

How to remove the ego? See that the sense of doership is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. There is no doer, there never was a doer, it was all imagined!