Online Event with Tom Das: Living realisation in the midst of everyday life

Tomorrow, on Monday 28th Nov 2022, I will holding an online session hosted by the Teachers of God Foundation on the topic of ‘living realisation in the midst of everyday life’.

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‘End of suffering series’ Online Session Every Monday in November with Teachers of God Foundation and Tom Das

For the next 3 Mondays I’ll be holding 3 sessions with Teachers of God Foundation all on the end of suffering.

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Here is the theme of this week’s class:

How to know you have reached the end of suffering or the Absolute? Advaita | Self-Realisation

In this video Tom answers questions like:
-How do you know you are free from suffering?
-How do you know that you have reached the absolute?
-Does the enlightened body still feel pain, hunger, cold and psychological discomforts?
-How to shed the believe that we are the body-mind?

This video was recorded live during a Satsang meeting with Tom Das and put together by volunteers.

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