Every effort takes you further away

I have often become repeatedly frustrated with spiritual seeking, wondering which spiritual teaching is best, which practice to do, and what is the absolute truth. There are so many flavours of spirituality and non-duality on offer that I have often found myself confused. And at the end of so many years of seeking, what do I really know? Despite having read some of the most profound texts from many of the great ancient traditions and contemporary teachers, I often feel that I still have no clue. And in many ways I don’t really have a clue. But what I keep on remembering is that there is no-self. And with that remembering of that phrase can come a clear seeing that there is no person here. Continue reading

Don’t take spiritual concepts too seriously

pine cone

“The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao” Tao te ching, verse 1

We don’t need to take spiritual concepts too seriously. They are there to guide us, to point us in the right direction only. The reality they point to cannot be described. When we start to take teachings too seriously we miss this point and start to become dogmatic.

Any interpretations that are set up and established as truth become meaningless phrases” Bankei

I’ve met people who follow Advaita Vedanta who say that consciousness is what we really are, and others who say what we are is beyond consciousness. Both of these are useful teachings, but don’t take them too seriously, either one of them. Both are useful and untrue. If you take a single position as being true, then that is a belief. Your attachment to a conceptual truth indicates the belief in ego/individuality that underlies it. Continue reading