Q. What does J. Krishnamurti mean when he writes ‘The Observer is the Observed?’

Tom: If you read JK carefully you will realise that he just means that what you take to be you, the observer, is actually something that is observed. ie. the observer is actually the ego-mind or thinking-mind, and whilst you may take this to be the subject-observer, it is actually an object, ie. something that is observed.

Put differently, the thinking mind or thought often makes comments and commentary about the world, and so appears to be the observer-subject. However, if investigated, we can see that these comentarial thoughts are actually appearences or objects – ie. they are observed.

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What is the point of the Teachings? Where is effort best directed? Stilling the Mind. Self-enquiry

Is the point of the teachings is to remove all thinking, all thought, all concepts? Is that what is meant by stilling the mind? Tom describes how we can use objects such as the breath or a picture to help us to still the mind initially or we can attend directly to the I AM, the subject, which is Self-enquiry.

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Life’s purpose

robert adams ramana maharshi

The following is by Robert Adams:

…you have not come to this earth to struggle, to fight, to become anything, to hurt anyone, to be hurt, you are here merely to be. Not to be this or to be that just to be. You allow this beingness to function properly when you get yourself out the way, that is your thoughts, your preconceived ideas.

When you keep the mind still, perfectly still and calm then you will always find that you are in the right place going through those experiences that are necessary for your unfoldment and your fulfillment.

“…you will always find that you are in the right place going through those experiences that are necessary for your unfoldment and your fulfillment”

Do not worry about the future or the past. Do not concern yourself with events in the present. Just be! Be the Self that you are. You will be satisfied. Everything will be okay.

“Be the Self that you are….
Everything will be okay”

There is nothing that wants to hurt you, cause you pain or give you any problems. It is only because you keep thinking continuously, constantly that you have this belief that somebody wants to hurt you, cause you problems, upset you.

There is only one. There are not two or three. There is only one Self and you are that

The meaning of life

Tree of life, Palace of Shaki Khan, Azerbaijan

How can we eloquently speak about life’s most precious and deepest aspects? Can we really say life is like this or like that? Can we fully describe what a sunset feels like, or can we fully convey our (my) mixed-up emotions when we hear about a devastating earthquake in Nepal? Even more basically, can we even begin to describe what it feels like to exist as a human being? It is easy to describe the parts of a car – we have a whole vocabulary for this – but the sense of existing that we all know and take for granted is more iffy.

It is almost as if the more basic and essential something is, the less easy it is to articulate, with complex and superficial matters being much easier to pin down.

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