A testimonial from someone who recently struggled with depression & anxiety

I recently received a lovely testimonial from Michael who unfortunately suffered from anxiety and depression for may years – here it is (below). You can find some other testimonials people have written about me here. If you yourself have found my teachings or writings helpful and would like to write a testimonial, please feel free to submit one via the contact page,

With love



Here is the testimonial from Michael:

I had struggled with depression and anxiety for 30 years of my life. Then I was introduced to spiritual practices and they really helped to improve my life and even cured my depression. I still struggled with anxiety though and wanted to deepen my practice and progress along the Buddhist path. After several years though, it became apparent that I was no longer making progress and I started feeling like spiritual practices were a waste of time. In addition, I started struggling with a health condition that caused me a lot of pain and discomfort and my meditation practice was making it worse.

Then I found Tom. In our first meeting together he pointed out what I had been doing wrong in my practices and set me back on the path in the right direction. Tom is the real thing! In just a few meetings with him I have made more progress than I could have imagined. My anxiety is nearly gone and the pain from my health condition has improved. I am eternally grateful for his kindness, insight, wisdom, vast knowledge, and guidance. Without him I would still be lost.
– Michael, USA

Ramen with Ramana

Mushroom Ramen from Bone Daddies, London

Wandering through Soho (London), I decided to treat myself to something a bit different for lunch. I soon stumbled across Bone Daddies. Not being au fait with these things I had no idea what this place actually was (restaurant? clothes shop?), but it looked pretty cool. My ears quickly picked up on a few guitar riffs emanating from inside and peeking through the windows I could see a plethora of men with beards, women clad in skin-tight pre-distressed jeans and thick rimmed black spectacles to boot. Oh, and they were eating – it seems that Bone Daddies is a restaurant after all. Continue reading