There is a beauty in honest & natural expression | Advaita | Neo-Advaita

There is a beauty in honest natural expression. Self-censorship limits your honest expression and creates blocks. You must be honest with yourselves if you want to progress, develop, heal, free, liberate yourselves.

This video was recorded live during an online meeting and put together by volunteers;

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‘Letting Go of Liberation’ – One day talk on Non-duality by Tom Das

tom-das1Dear All

I’ll be speaking this Saturday 19th January 2019 at the Horse and Coaches Pub near Waterloo Station, London UK.

If you are interested in attending, details are on this link.

To be notified of any future events, please sign up to my meetup page which is where I list all my events.

In addition to this, I will be holding my usual online meeting this Thursday 17th January at 8pm UK time.

Best wishes