Fleetwood Mac: Women, they will come and they will go

fleetwood mac rumours

‘Women,they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean
you’ll know….you’ll know’
from Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

‘Women,they will come and they will go…’
Women will come and go,
Material goods will come and go,
Experiences will come and go,
Power and prestige will come and go,

Reputation will come and go,
Spiritual understanding and knowledge will come and go,
Meditative states will come and go,
Health will come and go,
Radiance and charisma will come and go.
(you get the idea)

If it comes, it can also go;
Therefore that which is gained is not IT (the nameless eternal).
IT cannot be gained,
IT cannot be lost.

What doesn’t come and go?
What is always present?
You are always here.
Here is always here.
All things come and go in this.

This is just the preliminary teaching;
eventually it too will fade away.

‘When the rain washes you clean…’
You are already clean.
Washing yourself clean means seeing that you are already clean,
free from defilements and illusion
There is not even a speck of dirt on you.
Not knowing who or what you are, you imagine dirt.
Because you imagine a false sense of self,
imaginary stains seem to appear,
and then you imagine a need to be cleansed!
You are already clean/pure/whole!

‘You’ll know….you’ll know…’
Seeing your innate cleanliness (purity) is Atma-Jnana or self knowledge.
This is knowing beyond the intellect,
Knowing that which never changes,
Seeing that which is ever-changing,
First discriminating between the eternal and transient,
Then seeing that they are not separate,
this is Jnana, ‘knowledge’ beyond the intellect,
in which there is no space for ‘you’.

The rest of the song lyrics are also pretty cool, check them out on the video below:

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