Being in the zone


We stumble across the ‘selfless-state’
quite naturally
all the time.
It goes by different names,
dependent on context.

In sport,
It is called ‘the zone’.

In relationship to nature,
It is called Beauty.

With chemicals,
It is called a ‘high’.

It relationship to people,
It is called Love.

In relationship with God,
It is called Communion.

For the mystic,
It is God-intoxication.

For the seer,
It is called Self-Knowledge.

For me,
It is all of the above
and none of the above;
How can the unnameable be named?
How can He be limited
by beauty, or by love,
by sensory experience,
or by gender?

The ‘selfless-state’:
Always present,
Beyond explanation,
Right here.

2 thoughts on “Being in the zone

    1. That’s lovely feedback. Thank you so much. The whole point of the writings on this website is to point to that freedom which is ever-present and always available. Best wishes!


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