Poetry: A horde of egos

Shoal Sardines.jpg
Shoal of Sardines, Photograph by Federico Cabello, National Geographic Your Shot

The mass of unenlightened spiritual seekers,
trying to figure it all out,
trying to see their True Natures,
like the proverbial fish looking for water,
or the lady looking everywhere for her necklace,
only to find it on her neck.

The trying-to-figure-it-all-out is the suffering.

A horde of egos,
trying to be happy,
struggling to attain Bliss and Peace,
like someone using a bloodied towel to wipe up blood,
like a person in quicksand sinking ever deeper with each attempt to be free.

The trying-to-be-happy is the suffering.

Why bother?
Why argue with what is?
What’s wrong with right here, right now?
(It is the mind that tells you otherwise)

Water is here all you around you, dear fish!
My lady, you look stunning in your necklace!
The splattered blood is perfect, right where I wanted it to be!
When you stop moving, look, the quicksand disappears!

‘No, don’t stop’ says the mind ‘There’s more, just around the corner your prize awaits.’
‘Just go that one bit further and you’ll have it figured out.’
‘Peace and Bliss are yours. You are much more than just this.

The mind believes the mind,
thought believes its thinking.

The mind thinks it is the doer,
and so thinks it can do something about this.
But what can be done? And who/what can do it?

This cannot be figured out (by the ego/doer/mind).
How can the ego realise it does not exist?
What can you do to realise there is no doer?

There is nobody here!
So how can there be anything to do?

Actions happen by themselves,
according to the nature of things:
planets orbit the sun,
the wind blows,
rivers flow,
seeds sprout,
plants grow,
babies are born,
hearts beat,
lungs breathe,
minds think,
bodies act…

Nobody doing any of it,
all of it happening anyway,
all of it choicelessly accepted,
by the all-embracing awareness,
that is none other than our ordinary everyday experience:
spontaneously present,
spontaneously aware.

Did we ask to be aware?
Did we create awareness?
Did we create our experiences?
Or did our awareness spontaneously arise?
Or did experience and experiences spontaneously appear?

Seeing this,
it is seen.

Did you chose to be a seeker?
Did you chose to take yourself to be a doer?

See, you are not in control,
for there is no evidence of a controller.
Why believe in that for which there is no evidence?

There is no mass of unenlightened seekers at all,
The horde of egos is but an imagined illusion.

No unenlightened people,
no enlightened people,
Just what is.

All there is is life,
a uni-versal process,
a vast interconnected web,
spanning from celestial bodies to nervous systems,
one system operating…



3 thoughts on “Poetry: A horde of egos

  1. The idea that “planets orbit the sun, the wind blows, rivers flow, seeds sprout, plants grow, babies are born, hearts beat, lungs breathe, minds think” is a fantasy, Tom. Your fantasy, to be precise. 🙂

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  2. Love this poem!! “Trying to be” is suffering. When we are trying, we are in the future, in search of something all the while forgetting that “you are” and to “just be”.


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