Ramana Maharshi: just ‘lose’ the ego

Ramana smiling

Be what you are…All that is needful is to lose the ego, That what is, is always there. Even now you are That…
…The thought ‘I have not seen’, the expectation to see and the desire of getting something, are all the working of the ego.
You have fallen into the snares of the ego. The ego says all these and not you. Be yourself and nothing more!

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
Talk 183

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One thought on “Ramana Maharshi: just ‘lose’ the ego

  1. You can’t not be yourself. Nobody has ever seen or touched an ego. It only exists as a thought form, an interesting fantasy. To believe that you can fall hostage to an idea is to deceive yourself. And even that – deceiving yourself – is mere fiction. Thank God, it can’t happen. 🙂

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