Ramana Maharshi: Laugh and cry!

ramana umbrella.jpg

The realized person weeps with the weeping,

laughs with the laughing,

plays with the playful,
sings with those who sing,
keeping time to the song.

What does he lose?

Tom’s comments:

Many truth seekers suppose that the ‘fully self-realised guru’ would act in a certain way:

speak, walk, dress in certain ways,
never angry, always kind,
never unhappy, ever-blissful
pure and faultless

What a prison!
Freedom does not care for that!

In Freedom our humanity naturally shines

Also see All exist in me

One thought on “Ramana Maharshi: Laugh and cry!

  1. Freedom and bondage define one another – this indicates that they are both illusion. Human nature is not a separate state of being. The seeker and the finder are one and the same.


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