9 thoughts on “Your Essence remains Unaffected by all of this

    1. Experientially and during the waking state, you could say it is the sense of presence-awareness which remains unchanged. Note this is an experiential truth, based on concepts, not a scientific truth.


    1. Experientially, the sense of presence-awareness is you. Why ask ‘who has’? It implies that there has to be an external owner of presence-awareness. You could then ask ‘who has’ the owner of presence-awareness ad infinitum….we know presence-awareness is here, and that is enough with respect to these teachings on freedom.


  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the reply !

    >> “Experientially, the sense of presence-awareness is you”

    How can a “sense of presence awareness” know itself experientially and How ? Who is the Experiencer here ?

    >> “we know presence-awareness ”

    don’t you see its contradiction with the above statement? when you say We know, then the knower must be separate from that “sense of awareness” right ? , think along these lines.



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