Relax into Unknowing/Faith in Being

Sink back and relax into Unknowing

Relax into Unknowing
What does that mean?
It means to relax, to let go of everything.

What are you left with?
You are left with whatever is.
You are left with this,
Just this.

No matter how much you let go,
This is.

Or you could say:
No matter how much you let go,
You are.

This Letting Go,
Is the coming into contact with being.
This is what it means to abide as the ‘I am’.
This is what it means to ‘remember who you are’.

It’s can become obvious that
All perceived things,
All phenomena,
Come and go.

The objects of the external world come and go,
Thoughts come and go,
Feelings come and go.

Knowledge comes and goes,
Expericences come and go,
States of consciousness come and go.

The body is a process
Of constant change,
As is everything else.
It too comes and goes.

In this sense independent objects do not exist in of themselves.
All there is is movement,
Constant movement appearing as form,
But no static unchanging form can be found
Not even for a moment.

This Being/Unknowing is always here.
It can be consciously known when you relax and notice it,
Notice that which is ever present and unchanging in your experience.

When this unchanging essence/being is realised
And understood to always be here,
Undisturbed by comings and goings,
Then we do not need to keep on returning
to the practice of relaxing into unknowing/being.

Instead we can have Faith In Being.
This is Self-Knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Relax into Unknowing/Faith in Being

  1. Hello Tom. First I would like to thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom in this subject. I find myself reading these pages daily now. But is seems that I’ve read admonitions of sorts about that very thing, thinking about, talking about, reading about, but never actually doing ,say, the above practice. Would you say that this “Relaxing in to unknowing”, is basically the same practice as what you wrote about in the article “the ultimate means to liberation”? And are these two the same thing as self inquiry? Because I have to admit, just letting go of everything, or letting everything just pass by, or forgetting all sensory experience seems a whole lot easier (for me) to understand than what I’ve read about self inquiry. Thank you so much in advance for your time.

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    1. Yes, one is surrender, one is enquiry. Both lead to the same end. I recommend you read the book ‘the most direct means to eternal bliss’ by Michael Langford for a description of these 2 practices. You can find a PDF download on my recommended reading section 🙏


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