One thought on “Overwhelmed by other people’s negative energy? The problem with neoadvaita/radical non-duality

  1. I have been accused of being “Neo-advaita,” many times because people assume many things that are not indicated such as not having a sense of personal self and/or not being able to function in the “real” world. Non-dual reality is the only reality there is and it is all inclusive. When it is pointed out that there is only Supreme Consciousness, this is an all inclusive pointer. It includes having a cognitive center within the body that is able to function, having families, jobs, going to school, taking care of oneself and others, watching football on TV, doing yoga, being the maha con artist of the United States, whatever. Everything is an expression of Dynamic Consciousness, including seeking and the end of seeking. In fact it is the awakening of Chit Shakti Kundalini with the individual that triggers the beginning of seeking. The “state” a person may ultimately be in really doesn’t matter in the least as it is as much an expression of This as anything else. Enjoy your lives! You can’t do this wrong!


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