What do you need for Liberation?

Answer 1: There is only Liberation. This pointer is for the person who is seeking Liberation elsewhere, eg. seeking a state of mind or consciousness which is yet to be attained or to be attained somehow in the future by various means. It is pointed out that in fact there is only Liberation, and that Liberation need not be sought, for it is already everything.

Answer 2: Nothing – you are already Liberated. Like Answer 1, this answer points to the fact that everything is already whole and complete and no further seeking is required.

Answer 3: There is no liberation. This answer points out that liberation is simply a concept, a fanciful idea conjoured up by the mind and then sought after. No need to seek for an imagined fantasy. This answer stops the ego seeking its own mentally projected notions on liberation and enlightenment. It can also be pointed out that liberation is a dualistic concept that is opposed to it’s opposite, ignorance, and that non-duality is pointing out that this paradigm way of thinking of things is false, as per Answer 1.

Answer 4: Just remove ignorance. What is ignorance? It is the belief in a separate ‘me’ that thinks it authors its own thoughts and actions and has free will, choice and responsibility. Sometimes this ‘me’ is also called the ego. When the ‘me’ is believed in, it is also believed that the ‘me’ lives in ‘a world’ which is has to navigate, negotiate and survive.

Question: How to remove ignorance, the belief in a separate ‘me’/egotism?

Answer: There is no real ignorance – it is merely a thought or concept that is believed to be true, by no one. Within the seamless experience of this, a thought may arise which says ‘I believe I am a ‘me’ that has free will, choice, responsibility, etc.

But in experiential reality there is only this: beliefs may appear, thoughts may appear, anything may appear, but it is not happening to someone (despite the belief to the contrary that may think otherwise) – rather you could say it is simply a spontaneous appearance that arises, with no subject. Of course this is not something that can be understood by the mind, which tends to assume or imagine a subject being present who sees the objects, whereas experientially this is not actually the case.

So ultimately we don’t need to remove ignorance, as it is not real – it is just an appearance, a concept that floats in and floats away again. Just this! Life: a spontaneous mysterious magical display.

3 thoughts on “What do you need for Liberation?

    1. However. I would add that you can learn to harmonize with…Just this! Life: a spontaneous mysterious magical display.
      …. from a Relative Standpoint.
      This is Real Life.
      Sat Chit Ananda.
      Son of the Living God.


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