miss bus

What if a teacher was genuinely realised but used language in a different way to your teacher of choice? Would you pass them by?

It’s my experience that when people truly get this, they do not necessarily parrot their own teacher (although they may), but have their own unique expression of the same truth. Often this expression can be radically different, at least on the surface.

Take Nisargadatta Maharaj – he expressed his teaching in a very different way to his Guru (Siddharameshwar Maharaj) who taught in a more traditional way which emphasised progession through various specific stages and reading of traditional texts. And Siddharameshwar Maharaj taught in a different way to his guru, Bhauhaseb Maharaj (so much so that Bhauhaseb’s disciples initially rallied against Siddharameshwar) who stressed meditative practice over book reading. Similarly look at other teachers who claim the same lineage: Ranjit Maharaj, Ramakant Maharaj and even Ramesh Balsekar – all have very different expressions, using almost completely different language and methodologies.

We can see the same in the centuries gone by: when we read the various Upanishads, some appear highly dualistic, whilst others are staunchly non-dualistic, some Upanishads are heavily theistic whereas some do not refer to a deity at all.

In Chan/Zen, we can see how each of the Patriarchs, starting with Bodhidharma, expressed the inexpressible in their own inimitable style.

There are many ways to talk about this. There are many ways we can come to this. No need to judge the teachers too much.

When I was a seeker, I used to often judge various teachers, especially when they expressed things that seemed at odds with my own personal understanding. Now I can see how right many of them were (Not all though! Not all teachings are equal!)

I know it’s difficult as a seeker, I really do. Just remember to keep an open mind, watch out when you become too critical, and focus on your own path so you can ‘attain a genuine realisation for yourself’, so to speak 😊 😜

Be open to the notion that some people may be expressing the same thing you are, but just in a different way, and perhaps just in a way you don’t fully understand.


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