Amritabindu Upanishad – the path to Moksha

Note specifically what the verses state: sever all contact with sense objects (verse 4), empty the mind of objects (verse 3), wipe objects away from the mind (verses 2 & 3), prevent the mind from functioning (verse 5). Also see here: IN BRIEF: HOW TO ATTAIN LIBERATION (MOKSHA)

2. Mind alone is the cause of bondage or liberation; lost in enjoyment it leads to bondage, emptied of objects it leads to liberation.

3. As the mind emptied of objects leads to liberation, one desirous of liberation must always try to wipe away objects from the plane of his mind.

4. The mind severed from all connection with sensual objects, and prevented from functioning out, awakes into the light of the heart, and finds the highest condition

5. The mind should be prevented from functioning, until it dissolves itself in the heart. This is Jnana, this is Dhyana, the rest is just mere talk.

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