Tom’s Recommended Films and Movies related to Spirituality, Non-Duality & Advaita

Here are some films that I have enjoyed that relate to Spirituality, Non-Duality and Advaita. The films may not be for everyone, but hopefully the themes will become fairly apparent as you watch them.

I haven’t made too much comment on them as you can always look them up for yourself should you wish to!

In no particular order:

  1. Revolver (directed by Guy Ritchie) – a treatise on the ego
  2. The Matrix – well it’s The Matrix! What more needs to be said?! So, do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill…
  3. The Truman Show – hmmm…wait a second…is THIS the Truman Show?
  4. V for Vendetta – go beyond your fears
  5. American Beauty – ‘look closer’…things are not as they seem
  6. Inception – Illusions, dreamscapes and creating reality
  7. Bliss (directed by Mike Cahil) – Illusion vs reality

Ok, a rather meagre post, but let me know your thoughts!

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