4 thoughts on “You can’t do the pracice – let go!

  1. I might come back to you and have a paid skype convo. Bliss and seeing that god is this moment isn’t enough for me. I am guessing that I miss the ‘I am awarenss’ part which might be the only permanent thing. Bliss won\t do it. But first I am dedicating all of my time (I don’t work) to nisargadattas techqniue of putting your attention or watching the I am, or sense of beingness, life. I never had a real honoust realisation of being aware or being awareness. It sounded non existent to me. So I am dedicating all of my day to nisargadatta. You were talking about him in one of his videos, so I might come back to you once I have had a glimpse of being aware, or being the watcher.

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    1. Hello!
      I just want to clarify something for you. You don’t have to find awareness, if it is not your path. You can watch the sense ‘I Am’ if that is more available and enjoyable for you.
      Nisargadatta himself said that the I Am is awareness in the body. They are the same, and take one to the same place of liberation.
      Best of luck!

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