2 thoughts on “Is everything Divine manifestation or is the world an illusion? Consciousness vs matter

  1. I think Sarah asked in reference to this posting… is the body mind and the world the reflection of consciousness? To which Tom answered yes and then went on to brilliantly qualify his answer with the various levels on which this question can be perceived. I think I would answer the question from the this perspective…No… the world is not the reflection or projection of pure consciousness but of the mind or soul. But also I think her question is arising from a place of meaning. Why the reflection of the mind if consciousness has no stationary objective place from which to reflect. What is all this reflection and projection about? For light to reflect it has to come to an end of its path and hit bottom as it were and then reflect. this would be the mind . Not Consciousness. When the light of the mind comes to an end it reaches a place of darkness which… if …it continues to seek will find the ground of Being which is Peace…Unapproachable Light…because it has no objective quality..this IS Turiya. Having dis..covered..this treasure it returns to Turiya tita … breaking the wall of the 4th to a Infinite place which IT Always was. Selah ……..Turiya Tita is the meaning.


  2. Both. I am a firm believer in Non-duality. Everything that is known in this illusional 3D physical dream like world is divine, however, even though it is stream like and illusionary, it is all animated from Divine source. Another words, we are not individual beings, we are not in and of ourselves. God lives in and through us and God is the only doer. This 3D illusional physical world is only one dimension or plane of existence out of many and they are all created and lived through by Divine source all at once. There is no time nor space nor duality even though in this physical world it seems that way. So, to answer the question this is both Divine manifestation and it is illusional dreamlike in the way because most people believe in duality and separateness and do not realize that there is one source and not a second.


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