A recent testimonial

I am always grateful to receive a testimonial – here is a recent testimonial I received from someone – note that ‘Guru’ simply means teacher – see here for more testimonials:

Tom is the only living Guru that I have met who speaks directly and one pointedly to the path and method of Sri Ramana. I came across Tom’s teachings while seeking some answers to questions about Sri Ramana’s methods applied to a householder’s life. After only a few 1 on 1 sessions I had strong clarity on how to deal with the obstacles I was running into. And I felt this sense of self confidence or confidence in my SELF that was being overlooked in the past. Through his loving acceptance of wherever I was, Tom kept bringing me back to the true Guru that is inside of me. The SELF. Along the way he also reminded me to honor my feelings and to drop self-judgment – another way of reinforcing my true self.

I also appreciated that Tom pointed me to the most relevant and effective texts amongst the sea of reading that is out there. It felt like every time he referred me to a text, that was exactly what I needed in that moment.

He helped me understand the true meaning of the texts and how to interpret them the way Sri Ramana had meant them, while still making it applicable to my busy lifestyle.

I’m deeply grateful to Tom’s guidance and teaching and his highly scientific and logical approach to the path of liberation.

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