Non-duality has nothing to do with non-duality

face illusion
There is no person here

There is no non-duality in non-duality. What do I mean by that? Non-duality is non-conceptual. This means there is also no sense of non-duality in it. If you think this is all about oneness, then that’s not non-duality. That’s a concept of oneness. Same with non-duality. If you think this is all about non-duality or ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’ other concepts, then that’s also wrong. There are no concepts in non-duality, yet all concepts operate within it.

If you think this is all about oneness, then that’s not non-duality. That’s a concept of oneness.

This is not about anything other that what is true. You don’t need to get anywhere to get to what’s true. Truth is already here, prior to all concepts about it. Truth is already here, and defies any conceptualisation. And what is truth? Truth is simply what is, mysterious and ever present. And what is may include concepts.

If you are trying to get somewhere, ask yourself ‘why?’. ‘Why am I trying to get somewhere?’ What am I trying to get? There is nothing wrong with trying to get anywhere, but notice when the ego is at play. The entity that seeks and strives is the ego. If you try to stop the ego, that too is the ego trying to stop itself (in order to get somewhere). The thief is pretending to be the policeman in order to catch the thief. You just end up with the thief in the end, the ego.

A moment of clarity will reveal that the ego doesn’t actually exist, but this network of illusion fed by thought give an appearance of its reality. Just like the snake doesn’t exist in the rope, the ego-snake also doesn’t exist. All there is really is what is, and this cannot, and need not, be described or attained. Do not make this into a concept. Do not make what is or being with what is into a concept – that also is the ego at play, perpetuating itself and all its mischief. The ego is an illusion. Seen for what it is, it disappears, poof – it’s gone!

A moment of clarity will reveal that the ego doesn’t actually exist

3 thoughts on “Non-duality has nothing to do with non-duality

  1. In my opinion, all ideas ending with ‘-ity’ are conceptual. Examples are reality, duality, non-duality, clarity, vanity, etc. The same is true for notions ending with ‘-ness’, such oneness, consciousness, awareness, blindness, etc. They, too, are mere concepts and have no substance or meaning of their own. Actually, all written and spoken words, and all the thought forms they are based on, are mere symbols of truth, and therefore illusion. Only we ourselves are true, indestructible and lasting. We must be, because we dream up all these ideas and concepts in the first place. 🙂


  2. “The purpose is to experience life. It’s to experience being in the physical. Because in the other realm we don’t have a physical body and we can’t know who we are. The other realm is a realm of non-duality. Here, we are in a state of duality. Only in this state of duality can we know who we are. Because, it’s only by comparison with others, by knowing who we are not, by knowing opposites—that you can’t have good without bad, negative without positive—do we know who we are. All that is only possible here. Only here can we feel our emotions, fall in love, get hurt and really experience life to know who we are. None of this happens in the other realm. You can say that this is reason we take form, we take birth here.”

    ~Anita Moorjani


  3. The Ego does not exist. No “Thing” exists because the Ultimate Reality is not a thing, BUTT and that’s a Big BUTT ; the Ultimate Reality enjoys playing and creating “THINGS” and thereby Increases THE GLORY which is already LIMITLESS.


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