Q. I find I am unable to practice genuine acceptance in my life. Lots of resistance keeps on coming up. Can you help?

Tom: Practicing acceptance is a powerful teaching, but ultimately if you think this is about accepting or not-resisting, then you are identified with the body-mind entity, as it is the mind that accepts or resists.

See this: acceptance and resistance are both objects that appear spontaneously to you. There is no need to change anything, no need to accept or reject, no need to imagine there is a separate doer-self there.

What is, is. Simple.

The end of seeking

To realise that there is no point to the spiritual search is the end of seeking spiritual experiences.

This absence of seeking is itself the fulfillment we were looking for.zen circle

Here there is no enlightenment. This is the enlightenment.

An apparent paradox.

Now things are seen for what they are: a mysterious unfolding of events, thoughts, feelings, desires and happenings.

All seamless,

Ever-changing and therefore without form,

And without a doer.

Just what is.

Non-duality has nothing to do with non-duality

face illusion
There is no person here

There is no non-duality in non-duality. What do I mean by that? Non-duality is non-conceptual. This means there is also no sense of non-duality in it. If you think this is all about oneness, then that’s not non-duality. That’s a concept of oneness. Same with non-duality. If you think this is all about non-duality or ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’ other concepts, then that’s also wrong. There are no concepts in non-duality, yet all concepts operate within it. Continue reading