Things as they are

chain fenceWhen things are seen for what they are,
it can be seen there is no doer:
there is just what’s happening

Suffering tends
to drastically lessen
as old ideologies fall away.

Suffering may occur,
but it is no big deal.
Suffering is not experienced as suffering
so there is no suffering:

in the absence of a suffering entity,
what was once called suffering
no longer causes suffering.

Thoughts, desires, and worries
for no-one.

is like watching birds
flying past through the window.

And confusion may ensue,
but it is seen clearly.

The simplicity and naturalness of it all!

You truly gain nothing
from enlightenment!*
But once you ‘have it’
it can never be lost!

(And you can never ‘have it’,
for it is itself a loss)

*The Buddha said this in the Diamond Sutra

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