There is no you

baby feet

You have never done a thing.
Because you do not exist.

You did not chose your gender (at birth),
the colour of your eyes,
the language you were first taught,
the colour of your skin.
You chose none of these.

You did not chose the foods you liked or disliked as a child.
You did not chose your fears, addictions and desires.
You did not chose your intelligence and aptitudes.
You cannot chose whether or not you believe or have faith in something.
You did not even chose your interests or hobbies.

You do not chose your thoughts:
What will you be thinking in 5 minutes from now?
Can you stop your thoughts for the next 1 hour?

As Einstein said:
You are free to do what you want but you cannot chose what you want.

Everything just spontaneously happens,
And the illusion of choice may, or may not, be a part of that happening.

2 thoughts on “There is no you

  1. Want to say, Einstein seems even wiser than he was smart. For many though – there is no you – appears a tough one to swallow, but well worth the chewing you are not doing in the first place. Like the mind freeing, sound logic in this one.


    1. Thanks Nessung. Most people take themselves to be the doer (eg. the chooser, the thinker, the one who performs action). It is this entity that is the fiction, this is the ‘you’ that does not exist. What remains when this is seen is beyond words and need not be named, but is often called the ‘true self’ (atman) in some traditions.


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