Nisargadatta Maharaj: How a ‘self-realised person’ sees the world

I Am That

Questioner: Is your world full of things and people as is mine?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: No, it is full of myself.

Questioner: But do you see and hear as we do?

Nisargadatta  Maharaj: Yes, l appear to hear and see and talk and act, but to me it just happens, as to you digestion or perspiration happens. The body-mind machine looks after it, but leaves me out of it. Just as you do not need to worry about growing hair, so I need not worry about words and actions. They just happen and leave me unconcerned, for in my world nothing ever goes wrong.

The above excerpt is from I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

Tom’s comments:

The ‘original sin’ is to take yourself to be the doer, the creator. You think you create your thoughts, you think you do your actions, you think you are the author of your actions. In reality there is no such doer-entity: the doer-ego-creator (all are synonyms) is an illusion.

Take a look at your own experience: do you think your thoughts or do thoughts spontaneously appear, all by themselves, just like digestion happens by itself? Do you chose which thoughts to think before you think them? Or do thoughts just happen? If you are the creator of your thoughts, can you chose to stop thinking for 5 minutes, for 5 hours? Where is this doer-entity that you take yourself to be?

When you see there is no ‘you’, you still are. The doer is seen to be an illusion, but life still happens, all by itself. Right and wrong do not apply here, just life living. As Nisargadatta Maharaj says, ‘in my world nothing ever goes wrong’.

Total and complete enlightenment: why you’re still not there yet

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