Do you really think a spiritual teacher can teach you anything?
How can the guru really know what is right for you?
Every word of his leads you into further illusion,
Concept upon concept,
A field full of traps
– do not walk there!
– do not listen to him!

Instead listen to Her.
Who is She?
She is you,
the real guru,
that which the outer guru directs you towards;

She is the bird singing,
the wind blowing,
the chest rising and falling,
and She is none of these.
She is the sun and the moon,
She is everchanging, and yet unscathed, ever present.

How to listen?
Just be:
Let go of all thoughts,
Allow stillness and movement,
Let all pass freely,
Cling to nothing:
Your own reactions are just part of the environment’s natural functioning.

Even when you cling to thoughts and pleasures,
See that You never really cling to anything.
All clinging is an illusion,
Water running off a tile.

The gate is open.
Step through it,
And you are right where you are.

Where there is no sense of self,
Phenomena arise,
Phenomena fall away,
There is no listening,
No one here,
Only what is,

4 thoughts on “Guru


    1) A God-Realized Guru will initiate a safe Kundalini Awakening in us. This we have learned is what truly starts us on our Spiritual Path.
    2) During the act of surrendering to a God-Realized Guru there is an actual transfer of Light energy; in this case it is Divine Kundalini Shakti (the power of Universal Consciousness) from our Spiritual Master to us. The Kundalini Shakti energy our Spiritual Master places within our three energy Bodies does many crucial things for us that are highly beneficial. First, it changes our energetic vibration, raising it up. It can now be said that we carry the specific Divine Ray or Divine Light of our Spiritual Master within us. Another way of stating this is that we now have embedded within our entire being a huge amount of our Spiritual Master’s Divine Shakti energy God-Consciousness and all that implies. This helps us to keep our energy in Divine alignment–meaning constantly flowing upwards towards our Spiritual third eye. It is also one of the ways our Spiritual Master can protect us as well as communicate with us, especially when we are no longer in our Spiritual Guru’s physical presence.
    3) A God-Realized Spiritual Guru vibrates at the highest Light —Divine Kundalini Shakti Consciousness. Our being in His/Her presence ensures our energy is always flowing away from our five senses and inwards towards our spine as well as up our spine through our three main nadis towards our Spiritual third eye and God-Realization. Therefore the more time we spend physically around our Spiritual Master, the more help we will receive and the more we will progress on our Spiritual Path.
    4) A God-Realized Spiritual Guru will help our Awakened Kundalini Shakti Consciousness energy in us rise up safely so Shakti can fully open and unblock our chakras, allowing us to Master our chakras, releasing and healing our karmas, open the rest of our kundalini knots, and progress steadily on our Spiritual Path.
    5) A God-Realized Spiritual Guru will help us to correctly interpret our mystical, inner spiritual experiences so we lose our fears and our ego-I-mind and Master our chakras and our self.
    6) A God-Realized Spiritual Guru will help us safely navigate our Spiritual Path as we acquire Siddhis. She/He will help to make sure we do not develop a Spiritual Ego or become self-deluded and succumb to the temptations of Siddhis or lesser deities and devas and so fall from our Spiritual Path.

    These things and more a God-Realized Spiritual Guru / Master alone can do for us. No one else can.

    So let’s now compare a Spiritual Teacher-Yogi-Master Healer, to a God-Realized Guru (Satguru):

    A Teacher takes responsibility for your A Guru makes you responsible for your
    education and growth. spiritual growth.
    A Teacher gives you things you do not A Guru takes away things you have and do
    have and require. not require.
    A Teacher answers your questions. A Guru questions your answers.
    A Teacher helps you get out of the maze. A Guru destroys your maze.
    A Teacher requires obedience and A Guru requires trust and humility from
    discipline from the pupil. the devotee / disciple / student.
    A Teacher clothes you and prepares you A Guru strips you naked and prepares you
    for the outer journey. for the inner journey.
    A Teacher sends you on the road to success. A Guru sends you on the road to freedom.
    When the course is over you are thankful When the discipleship is over you are
    to the Teacher. grateful to the Guru.
    A Teacher explains the world and its A Guru explains yourself and your nature
    nature to you. to you.
    A Teacher makes you understand how to A Guru shows you where you stand in
    move about in the world. in relation to the world.
    A Teacher gives you knowledge and A Guru takes away your knowledge and
    boosts your ego. breaks your ego-I attachments.
    A Teacher instructs you. A Guru constructs you.
    A Teacher sharpens your mind. A Guru opens your Conscious.
    A Teacher shows you the way to A Guru shows you the way to serenity.
    A Teacher reaches your mind. A Guru touches your soul—Atma.
    A Teacher gives you knowledge. A Guru makes you wise.
    A Teacher gives you maturity. A Guru returns you to innocence.
    A Teacher instructs you on how to A Guru shows you how to resolve
    solve problems. issues.
    A Teacher is a systematic thinker. A Guru is a lateral thinker.
    A Teacher will punish you with a stick. A Guru will punish you with compassion.
    A Teacher is to a pupil what a father is to A Guru is to a disciple what a mother is to
    his son. her child.
    One can always find a Teacher. But a Guru has to find and accept you.
    A Teacher leads you by the hand. A Guru leads you by example.
    When a Teacher finishes with you, you When a Guru finishes with you, you
    graduate. celebrate.
    A Teacher is a self-proclaimed Master. A Guru is truthfully God-Realized.
    An energy Teacher can Initiate and A Guru will not let you get side-tracked
    Attune you to use energy to self-heal . by using any Siddhis you may acquire on
    your Spiritual Path.
    An energy Teacher can open up some A Guru can safely open up all your chakras.
    of your chakras, but not always safely.
    An energy Teacher may be able to undo A Guru can safely open up all three
    one or two kundalini knots for you, or of your kundalini knots.
    force them open without your knowing
    it, which can result in severe mental,
    emotional or physical damage to you
    that may be permanent.
    A Teacher gives you a certificate. A Guru can bring you to God-Realization.
    As we can see, there is a radical difference between what a Spiritual Teacher and energy Healing Teacher can actually do for us, and what a God-Realized Guru can help us achieve


  2. Hi Thomas, I was probably a bit too harsh on Guru’s in this piece, but I was trying to point to something else at the time of writing it. Genuine gurus can of course be not only very helpful to a seeker, but in many instances are vital. Many thanks.


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