The Sun and the Moon

sun moon drawring

The sun
Bright, bold, clear, unchanging,
The masculine principle.

The moon,
Mysterious, shape-shifting, temperamental,
The feminine principle.

No sexism is implied here,
For both principles exist in both sexes,
In each one of us.

Durga ShivaThe sun is Shiva,
is the Lord,
The Father,
He is Awareness,

The moon is Shakti,
is the divine Goddess,
the Holy Spirit,
The phenomena that appear in awareness,
That which is ever-changing.

The moon’s light depends on the Sun’s
and cannot exist without it,
and Shakti emanates from Shiva,
and cannot exist without Him.


But there is no Shiva without Shakti:
They are one and the same,
the differentiation between them being only conceptual,
Divine mystical union,


In Dzogchen the union is called cognising awareness,
or knowing spaciousness;
The spaciousness is samatha, Shiva,
The knowingness is vipashyana, Shakti.

yin yang

All this mystical symbolism,
This esoteric terminology,
All just to describe Life,
All just to describe ordinary everyday experience,
All just to describe you,
As you already are.


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