Krishnamurti: How to solve our problems


“I am not speaking as an Indian, nor do I believe that any particular philosophy or religion is going to solve our human problems. No human problem can be understood or resolved through a special way of thinking, or through any dogma or belief.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Hamburg, Germany, 1st Public Talk 5th September 1956

Isn’t this revolutionary? Just this quote alone has the capacity to break through all those accumulated layers of conditioning and resonate with that which already is and reveal the inherent Freedom in which there is no division between the inner and outer worlds.

In the market place of ideas different ideologies battle it out for pole position. But each issue facing humanity is unique. Each challenge we face is novel. The current challenges may have similarities to past ones, but each challenge we face is also uniquely new, fresh. A mind wedded to beliefs, assumptions and dogma cannot see past itself to find real lasting solutions, solutions that deal with the actual reality. Only then can we deal with root causes as well as effects.

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