This magical sparkling life


Not trying to get somewhere,
Not clinging,
Not letting go,
Not renunciating,
Not ‘staying in the moment’,
Not ‘being present’,
(This is just more trying to get somewhere,
more clinging),
Just this.

No ideology,
Not even of no-ideology,
Just no ideology whatsoever:
– this is the direct approach.

No need for a creator,
No need for no creator,
No need for beliefs,
Or complex metaphysics.
No need for eternity,
No need for immortality,
No need for success,
No need to create a legacy,
Nothing to gain,
Nothing to lose,
Just this.

No need to know everything,
No need to always have the answer,
Why not just be truthful
And say “I don’t know”
When you don’t know?

Stillness or movement – either is fine.
Whatever is happening, is happening.

Natural intelligence flourishes by itself,
Real and Whole.

In this there is great beauty and feeling.
The senses,
Spontaneously functioning,
Inseparable from the environment,
A part of the land.

This is humanity flourishing,

Life happens by itself,
Like a river ploughing through the earth,
Carving out the path of least resistance.
And where does the river end?
And where does the earth begin?

And who erupts the volcano?
Who tremors the earthquake?
Who blows the wind?
Who flows the rivers?
Who lights up the fire?
Who chooses the colour of your skin?
Who grows you body?
Who thinks your thoughts?
Who acts?

If you know the answer you have missed the mark!
This is the answer,
This is the answer.

Everything is allowed as it is.
This is not allowing everything to be as it is,
This is just everything as it is.

Allowing is allowed,
Not-allowing is allowed,
Desire is allowed,
Resistance is allowed.
In this there is no allowing,
meaning there is no choice.

There is no choice in this,
Meaning there is no chooser.

Choices happen by themselves,
– so there is no choice.
Desires happen by themselves,
– so there is no desire.
Resistance happens by itself,
– so there is no resistance.

It sparkles,
It amazes,
It hurts,
It disappoints,
It continues to baffle me.
It conjures up illusions,
It breaks them down again,
All the time,
Just magical,
This magical magical sparkling life


4 thoughts on “This magical sparkling life

  1. so perceptive dear tom. yes we neither know anything nor are expected to. the universal essence is a mysterious entity which likes probing but offers no conclusions thats its way – leaving us perpetually contemplating its essence. that is because it too does not really know what it has created despite implanting its essence the atma in each one of us to monitor that creativity but neither we nor the creator is fully aware of what is going on and that is how it should be. there have never been any simple explanations of the creator or his creation and so both keep trying to find out. The process cam make both frustrated because we have no idea who has the final answers.


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