Sufi mystic Abol-Hasan speaks

soul and loaf bread

Here are some gems from Sheikh Abol-Hasan, a Sufi mystic from the 11th century AD. His words continue to astound me. I have followed each quote with my commentary in italics and hope this does not detract from the quotes themselves.

One may speak of those absent,
but one who is Ever Present,
one can say nothing of
Sheikh Abol-Hasan, saying 92

How can we speak of Him? How can we talk of Him? All talk of Him is fanciful, all the more so if we take our descriptions and theories about Him seriously.

When one finds God in solitude
it is a sign that he loves God,
but one who, in the midst of crowds,
delights in the Beloved’s Presence
is Loved by God
Saying 96

Staying in stillness only proves you have not found Him, He who is ever-present, who is not dry in the slightest, who is full to the brim with life, overflowing, overflowing.

Faith is when you see yourself with God,
when you see God in yourself, that is annihilation,
but when you see God and no one else,
you’ve found everlasting life.
Saying 108

All is God, all is He, is this not non-duality? This ‘God’ is not God at all, not as we conceive ‘him’. He is something quite else, something quite un-apart from us and from this ordinary life. He is just this ordinary life, living…loving…’you’ having been ‘annihilated’.

Don’t speak unless you know God is the Listener,
do not listen unless you find him the Speaker
Saying 104

Ahh, another non-dual verse. When you speak, those you speak to are Him. When you listen to someone, know that it is He who is speaking to you. All is God, all is He. Where are you and I to be found?

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