Sensations, fresh and clear

lake reflection

Everything appears fresh,
Fresh, crisp and clear;
A sparkling mirror,
everything perfectly reflected.

Body, mind and senses function by themselves,
As they have always done,
Light! Sensations! Movement!

Thoughts flit by,
Barely noticed,
Raising up their head
When required.

How does this all work?
No idea.
Notions of ‘True Self’ and ‘no-self’,
Both are irrelevant here.
Self enquiry and self-surrender,
Can go take a hike.

This Sparkling Aliveness.
What a wonder!
What a mystery!
Unfathomable yet clear.

With so-called ‘enlightenment’,
Nothing has changed,
Everything is the same,
Only the (imaginary) doer has gone,
And with it the seeking energy has vanished,
And so everything is accordingly lit up.

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