Tao Te Ching: How ridiculous!

lotus leaf waterStop thinking, and end your problems.
What difference between yes and no?
What difference between success and failure?
Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid?
How ridiculous!

Tao Te Ching, verse 20

Tom’s comments:

Free of thoughts, where are your problems?

We do not need to shun thought in its entirety, just not buy into the suffering it creates through comparison and moral judgement.

We can see through the values, ideals and standards that other people and society dictate to us. We can see through the received wisdom of the day.

We can let go and be real, discover who we truly are – we can discover what it is to be human for ourselves and not simply force ourselves to fit into an ideological mould, no matter how reasonable it sounds. We can be who we are.

And who are we? Are we separate from the world that gave birth to us? Are we separate from the environment that shaped and influences us? Are we wholly good or bad? 0r can good come from bad and vice versa? Can failure lead to success?

I put it to you: all things are interdependent, and no things exist by themselves.

Onwards, children of God, onwards! 🙂


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