The sense of being a doer vs. no doer

When the doer* is seen to be an illusion, an imagined fiction, the sense/feeling of being a doer may still continue. The sense/feeling of being a doer can arise like any other phenomena arises.

And notice – it arises spontaneously, meaning there is no doer there doing it. You see! It can be seen that even the sense of being a doer is something that has no doer behind it – it just happens, by itself.

So, in my daily life I often feel like I’m doing things, but there is an understanding there that there is no doer-entity doing it. It is all just happening.

This is the difference between experience and knowledge/understanding: I may feel like a doer, but I know/understand I am not a doer.

It is similar to realising the sun does not orbit a stationary earth, even though the appearance of the sun rising and setting each day continues. Or if you realise that a mirage is an illusion, the illusion persists even when not believed in. The sense of doership can continue even when the understanding ‘there is no evidence for a doer’ is present.

*By doer I mean the notion of being a separate entity which creates or authors thoughts and actions

4 thoughts on “The sense of being a doer vs. no doer

  1. There is by the way a great difference between seeing that you are not the doer and understanding that you are not the doer. As long as you understand it but not see it, the understanding just underlines that there is somebody understanding “it”

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    1. Quite right. And understanding of the concepts is not the same as seeing it as being true in your own direct experience, which is the only real understanding. The teachings I teach in the meetings will hopefully lead you progressively from (1) not understanding to (2) conceptual understanding to (3) a direct seeing in your own experience not dependant on beliefs or on what anyone else has to say (me included)!


  2. All teachings have the capacity to just reinforce the egoic self-referential process called ‘I’. My teachings initially do this but then form a hopefully impenetrable circle around the ego preventing it’s escape. Then its illusory nature is directly seen and all these teachings are seen to be clever tricks designed to remove this root ‘ignorance’ or wrong understanding ❤


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