Spiritual Liberation – Some Basic Practice Instructions

still waters.jpg

Take your time with each of these, really take your time with them…

1. Do not get involved with life. Allow the body-mind to look after itself. Allow everything to come and go.

2. Relax and be still.

3. Do not take yourself to be a person, a body-mind. Here the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘From where does ‘I’ arise?’ can be useful initially, as can the assertions ‘I am not the body-mind-world’ and ‘I am That’. Relaxation and stillness are also useful here.

4. To rest in that state where one is aware but no ‘I’ thought arises is stillness. In time resting here will lead to realisation, but there must be no thought of realisation as this itself is a disturbance, a distortion.

5. Know that all is nothing,
Everything is nothing,
Nothing is here…
There is only That…

…not even That.


6 thoughts on “Spiritual Liberation – Some Basic Practice Instructions

  1. SAT… is this the One thing we all share? Are the other Two… which are really part of the One our unique experience? That is the manifestation and ever increasing joy of our unique experience?


    1. Deny everything. Conceptually cast everything away. What remains is reality. We do not have to name it. It is already here and fully ‘known’.


  2. Tom, looks like you just have a conceptual understanding of Truth. You don’t have experience. You are not talking from experience. Not saying anything more, as this is your personal blog made public with a Copyright apparently 😉 , but still it’s ur blog. you can do anything with it. Good luck !


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