3 thoughts on “The Truth About the Spiritual Journey

  1. Dear Tom,

    It is said that the world is mere name and form, the underlying reality being Consciousness, much like a wave is just name and form, the underlying reality being water.

    I can see that body is a mere name and form. How so? Scientifically speaking, body is made up of cells, cells of molecules, molecules of atoms, atoms of subatomic particles, subatomic particles of energy. So, body is the name and it is a manifestation of energy. From that it is only a small step in imagination to see that body (and by implication, all matter) is a manifestation of Consciousness because energy is a constituent or power of Consciousness.

    I was wondering how such reasoning applies when it comes to thought. Thought is its name, but what is it a form of? Again, energy? If so, how? If not, what other thing are they a form of? I do realize that, ultimately speaking, thought also, just like body and matter, is a manifestation of Consciousness, but I would like to know the reasoning similar to the one I applied above to realising that body is a manifestation of Consciousness.

    Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard.



    1. Hi Samarender, you can use whichever reasoning you wish, and the ones you postulate are fine. The point of the reasoning is to convince the mind to be quiet and so gain a deeper genuine insight beyond the words. This is why the reasoning of the scriptures varies according to the seeker and their level and type of understanding. Best wishes


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