9 thoughts on “How to recognise false or incomplete spiritual teachings

    1. The bible is littered with contradictions. Even within the New Testament there are opposing views in the various letters and books. And which version of the Bible is the ‘black and white’? The Catholic Bible is different to the Protestant one. So, which teaching will you follow?


      1. One should only take the words from the translated manuscripts and not look at the additional notes which do not take part of the Bible itself. Than, whatever version you are taking they all say the same, as long as you know how a word is translated in the one or another version. That is the incredible thing about the Bible.

        You may use any version from whatever which denomination, by reading it like the words are printed in it you shall be able to find the truth and shall see that there are no contradictions in it. It is because people mostly p^refer to follow human doctrines, like the one of the Trinity, that they make it so difficult for themselves and create matters of confusion.


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