Recommended Reading: Books for Enlightenment, Liberation and Self-Realisation

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

This post has been updated with a suggested order in which to read the books now added.

Best wishes


Tom Das

Whilst there are many wonderful books and texts to read, I want to focus here on books and scripture that:

  1. comprehensively deals with the path to liberation
  2. in a clear and unambiguous way that is easy to understand for the true and genuine seeker of liberation
  3. with few/minimal detours
  4. but still provides the necessary depth of teaching
  5. in order to effectively bring about Liberation

Where possible I have provided a link to Downloadable PDF versions of each of the books recommended in the sections below. I recommend you obtain a copy of all of the books recommended. Towards the end of this post I also give a suggested order in which you can read the books.

I hope you find these resources to be of value

Best Wishes & Namaste


Texts by Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ramana gave many varied teachings to those who approached him. He naturally and spontaneously…

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14 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Books for Enlightenment, Liberation and Self-Realisation

  1. Hi Tom, thanks for these recommendations. There seems to be so many books out there on ‘spirituality’. Do you think there comes a time in one’s spiritual journey when one can put away all the books, quotes and teachings and just ‘be’? Can we over-intellectualize the process of being spiritual? Thanks, Sandra


  2. Pranams:
    First time when I glanced the material you posted, I was exited, without thinking. I saw lot of information which I am looking for a long time. With my minuscule knowledge, I thought I found the treasure, and I found it.
    Many Pransms.
    Hari Ohm!

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