The nature of liberation | Manonasa by Michael Langford | Ramana Maharshi | PDF download

In the following PDF file below, the nature of liberation or self-realisation is described, in detail, in a way I have not seen elsewhere.

A cautionary note is that the teachings in the PDF below are very radical, and agreement with these teachings is not required for liberation; ie. an in-depth intellectual understanding of liberation is not a pre-requisite for liberation, although it may be helpful for some. More important than understanding what liberation is, is understanding the path to liberation and following this path until the very end.

One of the books I highly recommend on my recommended reading list is ‘Manonasa’ by Michael Langford. There are many wonderful aspects about this book that give the genuine seeker of liberation many hints, tips and instructions that are not commonly found elsewhere, hence the potential value of this book. As with many of Michael Langford’s books, the style in which it is written will not suit everyone, but a genuine seeker will hopefully be able to look past any apparent or perceived stylistic deficiencies to find the treasure buried within.

So therefore I do recommend you buy and read this book for yourself.

There is a section of the book that describes Liberation or Manonasa in great detail in a way I have not found elsewhere – and this can be particularly valuable to some seekers – you can download the relevant section below as a PDF file:

In the PDF file the following is explained:

-The nature of Manoasa (Manonasa is a traditonal word for liberation, rather like Nirvana)

-An important barrier to Manonasa

-Quotes from various different sources and sages to show that this is the traditional teaching of various sages and not just Michael Langford’s personal views

-Explanations as to how this can actually be the case

Download Understanding Manonasa by Michael Langford

Namaste & Blessings


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