The Most Direct Means To Eternal Bliss by Michael Langford

This is a wonderful book that clearly shows the way to liberation and also nicely points out some of the many ways the ego tries to preserve itself. Its tone may not be for everyone, but it is well worth the time to read and put into practice.

The author has made this text freely available online but I encourage you to buy the latest edition of the book yourself in paperback to support the author of this text.

Click on the link below to download the book in PDF format.

The Most Direct Means To Eternal Bliss PDF

There are several other books from the same author, all of which are also worth exploring, including the following titles:

The Seven Steps To Awakening

-The Importance of Practice and Effort


-How to practice the teachings

5 thoughts on “The Most Direct Means To Eternal Bliss by Michael Langford

  1. Hey Tom, I’ve got a question that I’ve had for a while and I would really, really love an answer.

    As one starts turning their attention to ‘I’ constantly, there comes a time when attention naturally rests on this sense of ‘I’. David Godman talks of this often when describing self-enquiry. Some other teachers also describe this, having gone through it.

    This has happened for me.

    But, there is still thoughts that come and go. Not as much as before, but still there.

    Attention rests on I, or awareness watches awareness – naturally – so if a thought comes, attention doesn’t go towards thought. So, there isn’t anything to do here but just be as you are. There isn’t any need, or is it even possible, to return attention to awareness, or ‘I’, itself, because it’s already there.

    So my question is, when sitting with self-enquiry/self-abidance, is there anything to be done at this stage? Thoughts still come, so it doesn’t feel like it’s over, but attention doesn’t stray to thought when it comes, so there’s nothing to be done.

    I hope this made sense. Do you have any pointers for me? I’d love any sort of feedback or any thoughts at all here.



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