3 thoughts on “Presence – If you allow it to lead you

  1. Hi Tom. As I understand it the mind has a tendency to identify with objects, leading to suffering. However, how does one ensure that, during spiritual practice, one does not begin to identify with God or Ramana or Buddha instead? Do not they simpy become the new objects on which we rely?

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    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for your question. Whilst the premise sounds reasonable enough, in reality it is unlikely this will happen if you are aware of what you have just written in your question. It is also better to be attached to these positive subtle objects which are eventually easier to relinquish than the many more-wordly objects we are often attached to. Lastly, this line of reasoning can sometimes be a way that the mind prevents genuine engagement with genuinely transformative teachings/practices in order to perpetuate itself and remain ‘on the sidelines’ rather than actually engage with the Sadhana. See here for Ramana’s view on some of this: https://tomdas.com/2019/10/24/ramana-maharshi-some-gems-from-who-am-i-nan-yar-be-still-silence/


  2. Thanks Tom, this is very interesting. Perhaps when one engages with true Sadhana one can relinquish attachment of all objects (subtle or not), whoever and whatever those objects may be. Take care.


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